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short term disability insurance faq

july 17th gala excursion to dover downs

short term disability benefit
there will be a lunch and learn tuesday, june 1st in the auditorium from 12 to 1pm to roll out this useful benefit, which will for members only. you can replace up to 60% of your lost income up to a max of $5,000 per month. the company is offering guaranteed issue during the initial enrollment period of june 14th through 18th, so you don't have to answer any questions to get it-- provided enough members sign up. (download flyer for this benefit [pdf])

vote to conolidate professional employees with the rest of the bargaining unit (pdf)

the consolidation of the census bargaining units & the new labor/management forums

afge national lunch and learn: tuesday feb 2, 2010 (pdf)

classification appeal process lunch and learn presentation

exclusive: flsa grievance history and latest news

exclusive: afge obtains results from 2008 performance evaluations

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afge week in review (august 4, 2008)
fers employees to get credit for unused sick leave:
the american federation of government employees (afge) scored another victory when the house last week passed a bill that would allow federal employees covered by the federal employees retirement system (fers) to get paid for their unused sick leave. unlike those in the older civil service retirement system, fers employees currently do not receive credit for their unused sick leave in their pension calculations. under the bill, the fers employees who retire within the first three years of the enactment of the bill would get credit for 75 percent of their unused sick leave. those retiring later would get credit for all unused sick leave.
the bill would also automatically enroll new federal employees in the thrift savings plan. currently, new employees have to enroll in the tsp, but many of them find the explanations about the tsp during their employee orientations confusing and decide not to enroll, inadvertently losing out on the agency matches to their contributions, including the one percent of salary that agencies are required to provide to all fers employees with a tsp account.
the fers measures, championed by rep. henry waxman, d-calif., and rep. jim moran, d-va., is part of the family smoking prevention and tobacco control act. the senate version of the tobacco bill doesn't have the fers provisions, but they are expected to survive the house and senate conference.

funding, furloughs, and the handheld computer fiasco
question: who is responsible for the hand held computer fiasco? (see letter below)
ans: upper level management and the current adminstration's recklessness in contracting out.
question: who is doing something about it?
ans: afge

letter from afge to sen. barbara mikulski (pdf)

letter from sen. mikulski to afge 2782 president bill schauman




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