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dear mr. schauman:

thank you for getting in touch with me about funding for the u.s. census bureau. it's good to hear from you.

as the chairwoman of the commerce, justice, science, and related agencies appropriations subcommittee, i have fought to increase funding for the census bureau, which provides the public and the government with invaluable information that is used to shape public policy and more effectively direct precious federal resources.

you will be happy to know that today the senate appropriations committee, of which i am a member, approved an emergency supplemental package that includes $210 million for the 2010 census. this funding is necessary due to the census bureau's mismanagement of a technology contract. without these funds, the 2010 census will run out of funding at the end of june 2008. this legislation must be approved by the full senate and the house of representatives before being signed into law by the president. knowing of your support for the census bureau will be helpful to me.

again, thank you for contacting me. if i can be of assistance in the future, or if there is any other federal issue on which you would like to comment, please feel free to let me know.

barbara a. mikulski
united states senator

p.s. if i can be of further assistance in the future,
please visit my website at
or call my washington d.c. office at 202-224-4654




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