short term disability insurance for afge members

  • did you know your federal benefits program does not include short term disability coverage?
  • afge has a plan members can enroll in!
  • learn more about this exciting benefit
  • meet with a benefits specialist during open enrollment

frequently asked questions

when is open enrollment?
june 20th - june 24th , 2011

how do i enroll or find out more?
meet with a benefits specialist in the union office monday june 20 to friday june 24.

who can apply for coverage?
afge members under age 70 who are actively working full time.

how much will i get paid while i am out on disability leave?

you may apply to be covered for up to 60% of your salary up to $5000/month.

will i have to pay taxes on the income?
no. the benefits are not taxable as income to you.

i have a health condition. can i still get coverage?

if you are a new member, you may enroll regardless of any medical condition you may have. if not a new member, you can enroll by answering just a few short questions.

how do i pay for coverage?
the premium will come directly out of your pay check.

what if i leave this job? will i lose my coverage?

you can continue coverage for the same price and the same benefits. you can keep your policy till age 72.

if i’m thinking about having a baby in the future, will this plan pay me for maternity leave?
yes, as long as the baby is born at least 9 months after the effective date.

how long could i be paid if i am out on disability?

you can choose either 6, 12, 24 or 60 months as your benefit period.

can someone enroll if they are not an afge member?
they cannot enroll in the plan unless they are a member of the union…but they may sign up for union membership when they enroll.





last update: june 13, 2011
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