american federation of government employee (afge) local 2782 is affiliated with afl-cio. there are currently, more than 600,000 federal and dc members nationwide. there are currently 1,100 locals in afge representing government employees in all federal agencies.

as government employees, american citizens and taxpayers, afge's leaders and members want better government. we are as frustrated as anyone else when government just doesn't work. that's why afge has been working so hard for so long to improve the performance of government and restore the confidence of the american people in government's ability to deliver high-quality public service in a cost-effective manner.

we believe that partnerships between labor and management, based on a shared vision for better government, are a practical, bottom-line approach to the public's demand for effective, responsive government. experience from the past four years shows convincingly that a true partnership between labor and management is a powerful tool for improving customer service, enhancing quality and saving taxpayer dollars.

sometimes, of course, backward members of management fail to understand, even in the 21st century, the benefits of partnership. that’s when we represent members and bargaining unit employees in their struggle for decent treatment. we do this either through the negotiated grievance procedures spelled out in the bureau’s contract with the local, through binding arbitration, or by appeal to the merit systems protection board and eeoc.




last update: january 25, 2009






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