10 great reasons to join afge

1. are you worried that your agency or job may be one of the many targeted for elimination?

2. would you like to be recognized for the important services you provide to the american people?

3. do you want you retirement benefits protected from ongoing congressional attacks?

4. do you want an effective advocate on capitol hill to protect your pay and benefits?

5. with the recent changes in the hatch act, would you like guidance on how to utilize your newly won political rights to become your own best advocate?

6. would you like your input to be at the table when partnership decisions are made?

7. would you like to be involved in the latest discussion regarding health, saftey and security concerns at your workplace?

8. would you like to protect your job from contracting out and rif's?

9. are you stressed out by the amount of work you have to do?

10. are promotions or awards at your worksite handled unfairly?

contact your union representative today and take the first step towards becoming your own best advocate!

see our recruitment slide show for even more reasons!





last update: january 22, 2009
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